About Telepathy Academy!!

Even though I have always been telepathic, my awareness about this skill has been more focused as a result of practicing conscious telepathy with my spiritual companion since February 1998. My desire is to encourage this practice for those of us who are comfortable being open and authentic with our self and with all of the people in our life. I realize that even though we are all telepathic, accepting this consciously is a hard thing to do.

I began this journey of expanded discovery when I started channeling in 1997. This evolved from that experience into the present day format I define as the Twin Flame Exercise. It is my understanding that each of us connects with the unseen world on a constant basis. We are all connected with and entangled with each other in the quantum realms of reality. Our subconscious is quite aware of all these things even if we are not conscious of that.

I can now recall events from a time when I was ten, where I was receptive to insights and information I would not have brought into my physical frame of reference without the prompting of my higher self. I have used these types insights throughout my life. It had been kind of like a guessing game in many cases. I would receive an insight that would be counter logical, and then I would apply or not apply that insight to a given circumstance. In this way I was able to validate these insights as authentic for me.

It was in 1989 that I invested himself wholeheartedly into trusting these insights. At that time I wished to make an investment for my small business operation and realized that the energetic alignment for my greater well being depended on a complete investment in Self. This was the advent of many business and personal shifts in perception that has led me to my current understandings about the nature of reality. I recognize this as an investment in Self Love. One that embraces my subconscious and my higher self.

The inspiration for this web site and the appreciation of integrated self-love was greatly influenced by the Kryon channeled lesson, The Catalyst for Miracles. This material identifies the nature of the human being as a highly integrated Conscious-Self, Higher-Self, and Subconscious-Self. I view this as the Love of God connection.

It is important to recognize that each of us is participating in a unified effort that is beyond our conscious frame of reference. The role we play is a choice we make to either follow our heart or to just respond to our conditioning. Even thought there is a probable outcome potential as to what choice we will make, it is still a choice. Even the desire to avoid a choice is a choice. When we look deeply into humanity and where we are today, we can see that even those who never consider their divine nature, have been prepared to live that way. Each of us contributes to the ongoing evolution in very particular ways.

I have established this site so that those of us who wish to be more conscious of their choices, can do so within a framework of awareness I call telepathy with our expansive Self. In my case, I practice that Twin Flame Exercise mentioned earlier so that I can be the truest reflection of all that I am.