The Catalyst for Miracles

Channeled in
Chicago, Illinois
September 2000

The Beginning of Interdimensional Understanding

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. We wish to hold the preciousness of this energy right now. In these precious moments, an entourage fills this area – one just large enough to encompass all the Humans who have come here through their intent in their disguised divinity. Surrounded indeed by a bubble of love, this place is precious! And the preciousness that is felt is due completely to those who are here. We have said this before: It is a reunion of souls – souls who you feel are singular, but who we know are many. For even as you sit in the chair hearing or reading this, there are “many of the one,” yet you consider yourself as singular. It is part of the deception, dear Human. Dear ones, the energy that is being presented here is one of where we indeed understand and feel the preciousness of family.

There is a tremendous remembrance when you get to the other side of the veil and experience the energy of who you actually are. There is the realization that you are part of the Arc of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and the spiritual pieces that have been “missing,” as the divine and mysterious parts of the Universe. All is not what it seems. This has been the message of Kryon since the beginning – finding the divinity inside. It has been my message all along, and the irony is that the children already know it! We speak of the souls of the Indigos who are “here,” but not yet born [evidently Kryon knows of some pregnancies in the audience, and is addressing the mother(s) to be, including those reading this*]. Well, let me tell you, these children know what is taking place now. These precious souls, some of whom may represent a great challenge for their parents, come in by contract. Whatever happens next is by contract. You know who you are, and they know you. Mother, you are about to meet an old friend. Blessed is this day. Remember these words.

Dear ones, in these last months, we have spoken to you about the interdimensionality of Spirit. We have told you that the energy of this year [2000] is the beginning of a 12-year cycle, and we have invited you to discover the interdimensionality that is at hand. The grids have been shifted in such a way that at the cellular level, pieces and parts of who you are have been enabled. This enablement is such that there can now be an understanding of the interdimensional. And where there is understanding, there is action.

“What kind of action, Kryon?” you might ask. It’s an action where individual Human Beings decide to raise themselves up from where they always were, to a level where they are peaceful with their lives – where they take and understand the responsibility for everything that is taking place around them, and where they are not afraid of the future. For now, they may stand tall and say, “I am here as a piece of God, and while I’m on Earth, I will be a lighthouse and an anchor. I will be a source of refuge for my friends in trouble. I will be a peaceful place in a time of turmoil. I will be filled with solutions instead of challenge. I will be handling many things at the same time that others would never touch, for they seemed too difficult. I will have a ‘Divinity overlay.’ I’ll be a lighthouse in the storm of life!” And that’s what the work is about.

Dear lighthouses, there are many of you in the room. You know whom I speak to now, do you not? For you know of the principles here. This is a teaching session. It always is, and yet these are times when we’d like to sit and just love you. We would like to touch you in various places so you’ll know we are here – starting with the head and the shoulders. We’d love to press upon you in a way that you’ll know we are here. By the time you leave your chair, you’ll know Spirit was here.

There are those who would say that this is not real. They would say, “It cannot be real. Spirit cannot do this. God doesn’t do this.” Well, they are experiencing a 4D-reality block. God does this daily! In addition, God can do this in any place you wish. You don’t have to come to a meeting like this, and you don’t have to sit in front of authors or channels. You don’t have to sit in from of healers and lecturers to have this energy presented to you. You can go into the smallest places in your house, and you can have divinity touch you! You can have a healing within your cellular structure because the angel in there is powerful indeed! Not one of you is any more powerful than any other. You are all equal – all divine. You are all spectacular in your potentials … that’s the message of Kryon.

Let the teaching begin. The concepts we present this evening are not new. Some of them have been given before, even recently, but none of them have been transcribed. And so it is that we have chosen this meeting for the transcription. It is provided to give you information about part of you that you are not truly aware of. It’s an interdimensional part of you, and one that is not fully understood for its potentials.

It’s time to talk about how the Human Being works, where 4D touches multiple D. In the past, we have told you, dear ones, about the three-in-one, and we’re going to give you information this day regarding some of the attributes of this threesome. Some of you have called it the trilogy, others have called it the trinity, and some have simply referred to it as the three-in-one. But all descriptions refer to the three energies that make up the whole Human.

We speak now of the three, and we have spoken of the number three before. We invite you to look at the three, which, of course, makes up a fourth of the twelve. It is no accident that there are three energy portions of the Human Being that we wish to speak of, for the three represents action. It is also a catalyst, for where the three exists, there is the potential for more. Although some of you may not understand this, there are others that understand it fully. The three-in-one is an interdimensional concept, but one where you live it in 4D.

“What are you talking about, Kryon?” We’re talking about something that literally is part of the fabric of the belief systems around the planet, some of which are identified, and some referred to only metaphorically. We speak now of the three energies that are vastly different, that make up every single Human Being. We wish to speak of what some have called the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. We have renamed them before. We have instead called them the adult, the child, and the Higher-Self. So that is the nomenclature, the kinds of terms that we will use in this lesson. There is profound teaching around these three energies, and we are going to combine them tonight in a synopsis, as my partner would say. It is an overview – a great simplification of the energies of these three. We give them to you so that you will understand them, and also so that we can present some of the important aspects of what they represent. There are those here who need to hear this!

There is indeed structure here, and it needs to exist within the Human psyche. There is indeed divinity within the three, and there is indeed duality. All of these things come together in what we have called the three-in-one. Notice we call this the three-in-one, for none is more important than any other. Yet they have attributes of importance for your path at the moment, and one needs more explanation right now.

The Adult

Let us start by giving you the adult, or the father, as some of you have said – one of the three. Here are some attributes of the adult that you should hear. What is the adult part of the energy in the Human body responsible for? As you walk around, what can you expect from the adult portion? I’ll give you some information. It is the father – the adult part of you that remembers. It is the adult part of you that has experienced lifetime after lifetime – the hardships, the karma, the heaviness. That’s the part that awakens in spiritual ways. We sit in front of an awakened group of family members. We sit in front of those, dear ones, whom we know the names of! There are some of you only now beginning to remember that this is real and that it is true, for you are beginning to “feel” us.

It’s the adult part that does the remembering and the spiritual awakening. The adult part is the structured part; it’s the experienced part in this respect, which awakens. It is the adult part that deals with the contract [spiritual contract]. We have spoken of this before. The contract is the highest metaphor we can use for what the actuality of the situation represents. Notice in the word contract even in your language, it implies more than one signature. It is an agreement between at least two entities. Your main contract is to simply exist as a Human Being on the planet. We have told you before that the contracts, which are individual, have been changed within this new energy – indeed, they have been voided – and now what you are doing is building new ones. Some of you shake with vibratory energy. You wonder what is going on in your life. The track in front of you is blank, and it’s the adult who sees the potentials and knows about contracts.

Responsibility is the next one. The adult energy is responsible. It’s responsibility for recognizing that you planned everything that has happened, dear ones! We have told you this again and again. There are those here … (pause) … blessed be the angel disguised as the Human Being who sits in the chair hearing and reading, who has found what the gift of death is about! [Resuming] There are those here, and there are more than one, who have looked backwards into the sorrow of their lives and recognized the divineness of what took place. Well, we have some information for you today. Here is a gift for you, and perhaps you already knew this: The entity that left, the one that there was so much sorrow around, is with you for your entire life! Do you remember? If you felt the presence of this dear one, you’re right. It was not an illusion! For so often the contracts of life do not end with Human death. They continue right on through your own life. The adult, at the interdimensional level, understands this. We will have more information shortly about how this actually works.

Whom have you lost who’s important to you? Do you ever feel them around you? Do you think that it’s your vivid imagination? It’s not. Open your hearts to this interdimensional fact. Open your intuition to know that these feelings are real. These loved ones are indeed with you. They look down from a place slightly above your head – literally, slightly to the left. They are now part of you – part of your thought processes – and some of them are saying, “I love you.” Some of them are saying, “Congratulations.” Some of them are in awe of who you’ve become. Maybe you had to hear this tonight, as strange as it may sound to some Humans. Can we prove it? No. In your 4D, it’s impossible to prove. And, by the way, we wouldn’t have it any other way. For to prove it takes the incredible love and power away from it. It must be perceived beyond physics, and owned at the cellular level. Then it’s real. It’s like love – try to prove it. You can’t. You can only own it and experience it, and know personally that it is real. That makes love interdimensional, too.

The adult is also responsible for ritual decision making – what we have called vows in the past. Briefly, as we have told you before, you are often in this newly awakened state [in the new energy] becoming aware of the shaman within you, represented within the lifetimes of the monks, nuns, and priests that you were. We have many of those in the room. We have told you before that it is the adult who makes those decisions to marry God, to focus on God and give a vow of celibacy – a vow to be alone, to be poor, to give away self-worth. It’s the adult who does that. In all appropriateness, the adult makes those decisions.

Those are the four attributes: awakening, contract, responsibility, and vows – four out of many that you will see as attributes of the adult, and one of the three energies of the Human Being. Now you can analyze those, and it will show you that they are all about structure. If you are a child in the room, and there actually are many here, you might say, “That’s the real boring part, isn’t it?” [Laughter]

Metaphor of the Bucket

We’re going to give you the metaphor of the bucket, which represents the relationship between the three. Now you will see the whole picture, even before we have told you the rest. It’s important for you to see the bucket. It is a pail, like a child’s pail at the beach. And the actual part of the bucket that holds water is the adult, the father part, the structure. It allows for everything else to exist. It is the structure of the pail.

What is inside the pail is the son, or the child energy. It’s water! And you’ll notice that the structure of the pail contains the water so it will not flow out or leak. Instead, it is contained in a logical way, mathematically. The pail contains the water in such a way that it does not spill. It holds it steady. It provides for a way for the water to exist, does it not?

“What about the spiritual part?” you might ask. “What about the Higher-Self? What part of the pail is that?” That’s the giant hand that holds it! So you have the structure, you have the substance, and you have sparks. Father, Son, Spirit – Adult, Child, Higher-Self – Structure, Substance, and Sparks. [Chuckle]

Let’s talk about the sparks within the three-in-one. You might say, “Well, Kryon the sparks have got to be the most important part, right? After all, that’s the part we are studying today.” There is no most important part. There are parts that you have to know more about than others, and perhaps this is one. The Higher-Self is one of the subjects that is most commonly taught within the Kryon entourage energy. We speak about the sparks all the time, but tonight we are placing the spotlight on something else you must know about. But first, let us get past the sparks.

The Higher-Self

We will also give you four attributes of the Spirit, or the Higher-Self, although there are many. One is the link to God – the link to Spirit. We have told you this before, and you know this. For one of the attributes of the Higher-Self is within the vessel [Lee points to his body]. It is the vessel that links the Human Being to the Angelic Self. It is why you’re here. There are not many of you who came to find out about the adult today. There aren’t many of you who even came to find out about the substance – the child within, today. No, almost all of you want to know about the sparks, don’t you? And the irony is that the sparks are who you really are when you’re not here! No wonder you’re interested.

I’ve told you this before, Lightworker – lighthouse: No matter what your age, no matter what you believe, no matter what your path is, no matter who you think you are, or if you happen to believe what is happening is real or not, I will see all of you again. A couple of you will say, “Oh, no, you won’t, I’m not coming back!” [Laughter with Kryon] Remember that, dear one, when I stand in front of you along with the others, and your glorious colors shine. Remember what you said in all innocence when we congratulate you and welcome you back home. Remember that when you see throngs of applauding family [metaphorically], when you feel the love through the colors that we will show you, when you hear the colors that we will give you, and when we will say, “Welcome home.” Remember that when you decide, with the mind of God, to return as fast as you can to be part of the new Earth.

I have seen you many times before, when you entered that great hall of honor and sang your name in light to us. What a celebration! Do you have any idea what that is like? You can’t remember. If you knew what it was like, so many of you would leave now! [Kryon chuckle] This is the work, dear ones. This Earthly Human experience is the work. But you knew that, didn’t you.

It’s the spark that you came for today. We know that – the link to God is your longing. It’s also the attribute that allows the Human Being to find incredible self-worth. It’s the link to God that does that. We also know that within the profound challenges in this room, self-worth is one of them. It’s always that way with the Lightworkers … it’s from too many years on your knees, with your noses in front of altars!

You might ask, “How am I going to get that link to work? I’m not one who gets up in the morning and looks in the mirror and sees the divine one inside me. I often see a Human in trouble, or one who is aging. How can I get the link? How can I understand this? Where is the self-worth answer?” I’ll give you the catalyst for the self-worth issue in the next item of the single-trilogy explanation. But for now, let us say that although they are intermingled in some ways, the three: father, child, and Spirit, have separate, independent attributes. The self-worth challenge is one of them that we are giving you regarding the part of the Human called the Higher-Self. If you ever wonder which one was responsible for that inner longing, that’s it.

Here’s another one: true, sacred, divine peace – peace that has no understanding. When that phrase is given to you, it means this: How can you be peaceful when there’s turmoil around you? It is through the divine; it is through the spark. It’s the hand holding the pail. It’s the Higher-Self. It’s the angel with your name. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, we have promised you peace where there usually is no peace – peace over things that have no seeming solution. Peace that allows you to stand among all of the turmoil and all of the drama, yet feel the divinity of God, knowing full well who you are. Yes, that’s the work of the Higher-Self.

Oh, there’s more: We have discussed the link to God, self-worth, and divine peace. The fourth one would be what we would call miracles – consciousness over matter – divine healing – life extension, and putting the body back together when nothing else could. I want to stop right here and tell you something: We cannot discuss these things, dear ones, without weeping in front of you, with the potentials that sit in the chairs before us pretending to be Humans, for we know why you’ve come. Reader, know this: You are included in this audience. Do you not understand that in the “now” we include you, also? Do you think that you are reading something that happened? No! You are reading about the energy that is happening!

We know of the situations in some of your lives, and we say to you, there is nothing incurable on Earth – nothing incurable. It’s archaic, your thought system of what might cure you, never understanding the elegance of the divine within. Did you know that you can address certain cells of your body to awaken? Did you know that your intent can bring about miraculous healing? Did you know that you can heal disease – live longer? You want to know how? It comes within the discussion of the third piece, which I’m about to tell you about in a moment. But the sparks – the Higher-Self – is where it actually physically happens.

Here is something for the transcription, something we have said before but which has never been made public. This is the year of discovery. Within Human cellular structure, you are going to find things that you never thought were there. There are those who study biology who have told you that you have a finite number of certain kinds of cells in your body, specifically within the brain. They tell you that you are born with a certain number of nerve cells, and they start dying immediately. [Chuckle] What a thought! How’s that for rejuvenation, Human Being? Does that make sense to you? Well, if you’re one of those who doubted it, you’re right. There is a mechanism in the Human body that gives an allowance for new embryonic-type growth of cells throughout your life … all through your life. Your DNA is programmed for this growth to exist in the body, an attribute that you have not yet discovered but which there is potential for this year [the discovery of, that is].

There are cells with no purpose – they’re waiting for purpose. You have indicated in the past that they are embryonic, and they are what you have called stem cells. From them come stem cells of whatever purpose, whether they are to become part of your heart cells, brain cells (nerve), muscles, bones, immune system, or even thymus. There they sit, pristine, undeveloped, and hiding. What we are telling you is this: I’m explaining to you how miracles occur. There are parts and pieces of your body that are waiting for intent. They are waiting for an energy called compassion to awaken them and to grow into cells that you designed to be there. Science will look for chemistry to activate them, but the real catalyst is intent (consciousness).

Can you create brain cells? Oh, yes, you can. Can you create bone cells? Oh, yes, you can. Do you want to know about miraculous healings on Earth, congenital defects that somehow changed, bone tissue that grew that never should have, nerves that reconnected themselves, and things you never thought possible? That is the stem cell that is responding to the intent of the Human Being. You have called it the divine. That is the mechanism. Your science will discover it, potentially, this year – adult stem cells that are alive and ready to develop. For each stem cell that develops, there is another one that will become a stem cell. You cannot use them up. To some of you, this will sound foreign, and we are telling you to look to your science, for this will be validated shortly. I give you this because it is so. And it is good news, is it not?

There is a strong metaphor for what is happening to your biology and consciousness. You are moving from a paradigm that involves your immune system to a paradigm that now involves the thymus. What did I just say? I’ll tell you: The immune system identifies the enemy and fights it. The thymus identifies the enemy and harmonizes with it. From fight to harmony, that is the theme of this next 12-year period. It involves consciousness, biology, politics, and even physics. Watch for harmony in all fields of science – things that will start making sense and dovetailing one with another.

The Child

We have waited to give you the last of the three. We are going to give you up to six attributes of this one. It is not the most important one, for they are all important, and they all must be balanced even within themselves. This one, however, is the least understood – the child. Not physically – we’re not talking about the children here. We’re talking about the child energy within the Human – one of the trilogy items, the Son, inside. That’s what we’re talking about.

I’d like to tell you where some of the most amazing power of your life resides. Many would not ever attribute some of these things to the child energy. The water in the pail can go anywhere. It wants to get out, doesn’t it? If the pail has a leak, the water absolutely will pour out and be wasted, so it must be structured and surrounded by a solid.

It is the fluid child, however, that has the imagination. The adult is structured. The adult has the authority, but it is the child with the imagination. The Angel, as part of the Higher-Self, has the sparks. It has its own job, and it has the miracles. It doesn’t have the imagination that the child does. That belongs to you, the Human Being. It is part of the balance between the Father, the Son, and the Spirit – all of which are God and that’s you. Imagination – anything is possible to the child within you. It is when the structure of the bucket and the pail says, “You have to stay inside,” that the imagination of the child says, “But I don’t want to! I don’t want to!”

It is the child in you that is responsible for joy. You thought maybe that came from the angel? I’ll tell you something: These two of the trilogy are intertwined, but it is the child within that has to give intent for joy to happen. Then the divinity rushes in to complement it. It’s the child inside you that asks for joy. It’s the child in you that wants to laugh. That’s all part of playing.

Dear Lightworker: If you walk around with a sour face, you don’t know about this attribute. If you want to know the catalyst to divinity, I’m giving you a secret now. If you want to activate some of those parts of the sparks, the child has it! Get to know the child, for the child has the joy, and the child has the humor. It’s the child part of you that makes the lighthouse smile … and there are so many serious lighthouses! [Laughter] We weep with the potentials of those in front of us, those family members who can leave from this place different from how they came in. We weep on joy!

Here’s the third one: suspension of belief. The child doesn’t have a belief system. Fantasy is rampant. Anything is possible – boundless possibilities – go anywhere, do anything. This is the catalyst to a miracle. It is the unstructured and innocent child within that asks, “Why not?” When you talk about healing and getting rid of the things in your body that are aging you, it’s the child inside that asks, “Sure, why not?” The adult that carries the pail is the one who says, “You don’t know how things work, that’s why.” And it’s the balance between the two, which allows for the child’s energy of the why not, to rise to the surface and create the activity that the sparks of the Higher-Self can give you.

Here’s the fourth one: dependency. Without the pail and without the structure, the child would be nothing. It would run all over the ground without coherence. There would be no substance in the pail. It would simply run away, evaporate, and become nothing. The adult is there to contain it in love and perfection. The child reaches its hands up to the adult willingly, because it knows that the adult has the structure and safety. That’s where the love comes from; that’s where internal parenting comes from. It is the balance between the child and the adult, where they both ask for one another. Did you know that? It’s not where the adult beats the child into submission. It’s not when the adult tells the child to be quiet, since they can’t understand serious things. The pail does not rule the substance … it takes care of it! The adult takes the child in and hugs it and nourishes it. It is the child who accepts this and says, “I need this structure.” It is a marriage for life. How many of you really have married the child?

I’ll give you a surprising attribute: The child features intuition and wisdom. Did you think those would be attributes of the child? Wouldn’t they be attributes of the adult? No. Adult is structure, but the wisdom comes from the flexible child inside, and I’ll tell you why. Because it is the child who has the emotions! It is the child who will let the emotions become part of you and part of the compassion that we have talked about – that interdimensional trigger that causes miracles.

It is the child within you that develops the emotions of joy that turn into compassion. Maybe you didn’t think of that when you were on your knees in trouble. Maybe you didn’t think of that when things got real serious – when you needed help – when you didn’t know what to do. Maybe you didn’t think of the inner child during those times. Perhaps you didn’t feel joyful? Of course you didn’t! Let me tell you: That’s why we’re here tonight – to remind you that this child part is there, and it’s the catalyst to the sparks. The quickest way to the Higher-Self is through the child. We have told you many times to try and celebrate the challenge! Why? To lift yourselves into joy that only the child can bring, in order to start the communication to the sparks!

Adults, listen to this: You’re providing structure and love for an energy of substance [the child], which is the catalyst for the Higher-Self’s activation. They marry, they’re together, and they’ve got to be balanced. Did you ever think you’d know that the wisdom would come from the child energy? It does. And so whereas the adult has the awakening energy that we described, it is the child with the substance to do something about it.

So, this might now explain to you, why some of the most serious Lightworkers have so little to show for their efforts. They often go into victim mode, as so little is manifested in their lives. They become those whom God pushes and pulls around, and they endure great spiritual drama. We celebrate them, too, but we ache for them to find the joy they deserve. We ache for them to discover the next item.

And the sixth one? Oh, it may sound like some of the others, but for the child there are no fences. Everything is possible. More than a suspension of belief, when the child looks over the landscape of his mind, he sees nothing fencing him in. There has never been a greater spiritual catalyst than this, for this is responsible for your ability to visualize a time, a place, and an energy that will change your reality. These are all related. Do you want to know how to get to the sparks, dear ones? Do you wish to know how to change your reality? Access the fluid, flexible child with no fences. Do you want to know which energy can visualize a time when you were young? I’ve just told you! It’s also the secret to changing the actual reality of your biological clock! The body churns along all by itself. It’s an immaculate engine and will carry you through life in a preset paradigm … but an old one. It’s the child energy that activate the intent and power to change it! When the water boils, the hand that holds the pail has to react, and it can’t drop it. It has to run with it.

“Without fences” means that all things are possible. Dear ones, if you have a disease in your body right now, or if there is an anomaly within – if there is a problem with your cellular structure, I’ll give you an exercise. I want you to take that child without fences and visualize a time in your life before it ever happened. I want you to see your cellular structure when it was fresh and perfect and young. I want you to hold that visualization of no fences, because the catalyst of the child is at work right now connecting to the energy of the Higher-Self. It is starting the process. I told you I’d tell you how it worked. This is it. The joy and imagination of the child starts the process for the sparks to happen for the healing. For what you visualize, you can have.

The stronger your visualization, the stronger the wisdom is of your belief system, right into your own cellular structure, and you’ll feel it. You’ll know it. You’ll own it! Pretty soon the cells will revert – actually in time, chasing out what does not belong there, remembering a time when they were a certain way, and yes, even awakening the stem cells. This is the cure. This is the miracle. It happens daily to the lighthouses.

There are lighthouses here. There are Lightworkers here. There are healers here who practice this daily and help others along. Healers don’t heal; healers balance! You know that. But when they balance another Human Being in a certain way, the body responds. This balance helps another in accessing the inner child’s joy, complete with the removal of all the fences, and the suspension of the four-dimensional structure.

That’s the end of the teaching. It’s not the end of the energy, you know, but it’s the end of the teaching for now. How many of you would like to go there in that bucket and visit the child’s substance? How many of you would like to look at your lives and say, There are no fences? How many of you would like to suspend belief? Well, I’ll tell you, accessing the child will activate the Higher-Self in you, the angel in you, and the miracles may begin. This is when the balance really starts to occur.

Dear family member, the hardest thing we do is to leave. We can’t do that until we are sure that you are clear on what has been said. The avatars on the planet have no miraculous secrets that you do not. Do you want to know what the attribute of the avatar is? It’s a fully developed and balanced child energy. That’s where the substance is, because that’s the fast track to the Higher-Self. It’s suspension of belief. Can you create energy from your hands? Can you change physics? Can you manipulate time? Yes. All of you can. Every single one who sits here. That’s what this lesson is about, and in the process, we would like you to apply it to your individual lives. Look into the faces of the past and current avatars on the planet. Notice first the smile, the humor, and the joy. Notice second, the miracles!

Couples who are here, how would you like a stronger bond between you? Let your children come out and play together! Put away the structure for a while. That action energies the Higher-Self and fills you with love, understanding, and a balanced perception of what is important. Some of the barriers that you have created for yourselves, couples, will drop away, and you will see each other in a fresh light again.

Worker, when you go to work and you again see the one who is the weekday “sand in your oyster,” and they are always there [laughter], what do you do? Your vocations are wonderful places. It’s a wonderful cauldron of Karma, is it not – to be thrown together with people you never would have asked to be with? [Laughter] You think that’s an accident, do you? What are you going to do with it? It’s the child that gives you the Higher-Self attribute to have peace with that. Things that irritate you will float away, and let me again remind you about karma: When you take away one side of the game, the other side goes with it. Wait till you see the reaction of those who are part of your drama, when you start to love them. They’ll push the same old buttons, but nothing will happen with you anymore. All of this is part of going to work. It’s all part of going home and living day-by-day. Human Being, we wouldn’t be here giving you this information if it were not common to humanity. It applies to you, all within the energy and love of God.

The entourage retreats from the room, having given you information this evening that you needed to hear. The entourage retreats from the room, but it doesn’t want to. It wants to stay and play with all the children here!

Some of you have felt profound energy this night and have felt the love of God in your life. Some of you felt the love of family pressing upon you. You can go home and create the same feeling anytime you wish. You are a piece of the whole!

Let the healing begin! Let the child within you activate the Higher-Self within the structure of the adult. Let the joy overcome the drama.

And so it is.


*P.S. from Lee: Yes, indeed there was one woman who was newly pregnant in the audience. She came up later and introduced herself.

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