Telepathy Academy Concepts

It can be said that energy is light and sound vibrating at a particular frequency. The law of attraction states that like vibrations attract each other. So if you are on the same frequency with another, you are able to connect with them.

When I use the word you, I am referring to you as a state of awareness. I am also referring to them as another state of awareness. In reality there is only one state of absolute awareness. Each lower state of awareness is achieved by altering its perception. We as conscious beings are designed to operate in this state.

Once energy has been created, it can never be destroyed. An example of this is the snow flake. It exists at one point as water vapor. That would be its highest frequency of movement. As it slows its vibration, it forms as the solid we call water. When that vibration is slowed even more we have a snow flake. Each snow flake is unique because it has its own energy signature. That signature is its memory of who it is.

The human being is an entity for want of a better word like soul. There is an entity creation process that goes something like this. When a collective group of entities wishes to create another entity, they invest part of them selves into another energy grouping. This newly created entity can be called an over soul. The over soul will split itself into three unique reflections of itself with some energetic distinctions made for its body, mind, and spirit attributes. Each of these three split again into two groups with attribute distinctions made for the As Above, So Below energies. The over soul now has six unique reflections of itself. One last split takes place to create twelve unique reflections of its energetic signature with slight alterations in the masculine and feminine attributes.

The memory of each entity and all it has been is called its soul. Every human being is an entity with an energy signature for its unique expression. Its soul has a remembrance of where it evolved from back to the over soul and back to the collective body of entities that created it. One focus for practicing telepathy will involve connecting with the twin soul. Each of us has a twin energetic expression that is most aligned with our expression or unique energy signature.

The method presented in our exercises is not the only way to practice telepathy. It is the method we are most familiar with and a way to promote self love and self empowerment. It is our understanding that these principals are the primary factors for health and well being. Even if one never practices telepathy, embracing these principals will lead to a joy filled human experience.

The higher self is that aspect of yourself that has retained its full awareness of who you are and why you have chosen to birth yourself into the circumstances you find yourself in. It is also that aspect of you that retains full universal knowledge of all that is. Your current life purpose fits perfectly with all you have ever expressed. It also fits perfectly with the over all intention of the collective desires some of us think of as God.

The higher self is both the easiest aspect of our self to connect with and the one that can be the most difficult. It is our understanding that the guides and unseen support systems for our life are assigned by our higher self. When our life circumstances are not seen as enjoyable, we can attribute the cause for such to that aspect of our self that has orcastrated these circumstances. We may not consciously appreciate how these things work but the knowledge for this resides in our subconscious. These resentments are a barrier to self acceptance and self love. This may well be why so many have a problem with the step one exercise we will describe in greater detail.

The historical record of our various expressions and journeys as an entity is retained in an aspect of our self we would like to call our soul. Once we accept the view that our current life has purpose, it does help to envision the grander purpose that we as a group of entities have undertaken. Since this endeavor spans all our lifetimes and more, we may find it useful to review and appreciate the fuller scope of who we are. This can be done to some extent in a discussion with our soul self.

The subconscious self is the area of full diversity within us. At the highest frequency of awareness its scope of understanding is equal to that of our higher self. We see this aspect of our self as the divine feminine and the higher self as the divine masculine.

Much of what happens between people takes place in the subconscious. Each of us carries all the energies we have created as points of awareness that we can find in our subconscious. So the ego, the inner child, the various thoughts and feelings we have ever experiences can be seen as active energies within this aspect of our self.

The step two exercise, as described in our method for practicing telepathy involves connecting with our soul self and then our subconscious self. We see this as a key factor for self healing and true self empowerment. It is our understanding that entering into a dialogue with aspects of our subconscious, after we have experienced contact with our soul, sets the energy identity for our conscious intentions at a frequency vibration that is most comfortable for all aspects of our subconscious.

As important as this distinction may be for the integration of our more complete self, it plays a powerful role when we connect to the subconscious of another human entity. Much of what can happen when using this method of telepathy will result in mutual healing. Since open and authentic exposure of the self is an aspect of telepathy, the expressed intent of acceptance is a major ingredient for a pleasant experience.

Telepathy is a very intimate experience. One of the goals of being true to all that we are is to be as fully integrated with our self as we can be. That is why we recommend that the first person we contact when we start to practice telepathy is our twin soul or twin flame.

This is not suggested for romantic purposes. It is suggested for creating an improved energetic balance within the self. This person may be in the same or different gender as our current expression or they may not even be in a current life expression. They do exist with the same areas of perception and awareness that we have describes for our self. So the step three exercise is presented as it would be for any other person in our life. The particular distinction is that we are connecting with our energetic twin. The one being that is most like our self.

The steps we have taken up to this point involve contacting our higher self, our soul awareness, and our subconscious self. When we connect with another person, we ask our higher self to introduce us to the higher self of the other person. It is wise to obtain permission for this process. When permission can not be sought from another conscious person, it should be obtained from the higher self of that person.

After your discussions with the higher self of your twin energetic expression you will continue on to their soul for another dialogue. After that discussion you will proceed to the dialogue with their subconscious. Once that process has been completed it is now time to make contact with some aspect of that personís conscious awareness. You may want to consider the time of day for this experience. We have found it best to catch a person when they first wake up from sleeping. The first contact timing should be an important consideration. When their time of day is not known, let spirit guide you for this process.

Once you have made first contact, your next contact with them would not involve any of the first time steps. You would pick a time of day relative to your time zone and make an appointment for your second connection. Remember to be considerate for the circumstances in your life and the life of the person you are connecting with. You will both want to put aside some quality time for these experiences.

Practicing telepathy with another human being would follow the same format as that presented when connecting to your twin soul.

As a conclusion to the concept presentation for practicing telepathy, we would like to highlight a number of considerations. The people we encounter each day understand the underlying aspects of our relationship at the subconscious level. The conscious perception of that very same relationship is perceived within the context of our conscious world view. Our beliefs mold our conscious perceptions and potentials. When telepathy with another person would bring undesirable awareness to the surface, our connection with their conscious awareness will be confined to a level of awareness they are comfortable with. In other words, they may not remember the discussions in the same way that you remember them.

This very same factor applies to your self. One of the things you will encounter is the absence of specific details that another person wishes you to not be aware of. This is most appropriate and should be encouraged. The goal of every connection is to have a shared experience that is helpful to each in a comfortable and enjoyable manner. Even though mind reading can become a potential in our daily encounters, it is wise to appreciate and respect the conscious choices and wishes of others.