Telepathy Academy

The telepathy academy is a place to learn about and develop telepathic skills.

The concepts page will describe an energetic overview for the telepathic process. Energy is the foundation for all that we see. All that we see in our three dimensional space is a result of energy that has slowed its vibration movement to a point that particles are formed.

All energy has awareness. Both the seen and the unseen have a state of awareness or consciousness. Much of what can be describes as paranormal activity is a result of the interaction between various states of awareness with other states of awareness.

This field of awareness includes entities we call human beings. The person we are has a state of conscious awareness, a state of subconscious awareness, and a state of super conscious awareness. There is a memory for all that we are and all that we have ever done. The creation process for this being will be described as a backdrop or concept model so that the process of telepathy can be understood within this context.

The conscious human animal has five senses that are for the most part well understood. The sixth sense is not as well appreciated as its former five. Even though we are plugged into all six, the current perception of humanity is almost entirely focused on the first five.

It is our contention that humanity is always using all six of its senses. Most of us are not conscious of our sixth sense and how we use it on a daily basis. Telepathy can be said to be a highly focused aspect of our sixth sense.

At this academy we will highlight a specific method of using telepathy to connect with other human beings. Unlike remote sensing or other methods of connecting with the unseen, we will discuss and practice a more comprehensive approach for telepathy.